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About Us

Our purpose: crafting individuals through construction, building strong relationships and making a positive impact. We’re driven by quality projects and lasting client connections. Our 5-year goal: 500 top-notch projects in Alberta, achieved with skilled professionals. Join us – whether for projects or as part of our skilled team, let’s shape the future together.”

Transition from D&S to Kingdom Signature Developments

In 2021 Danny ( D&S Developments Inc.) and Paul( Candor Carpentry) decided they would join forces and merge their companies. This decision followed a season of getting to know each other and recognizing that they had the same heart for business. They were simply seeking to follow the Lord and steward what He had given them to work with. Danny’s depth of construction process combined with Paul’s experience of hands on construction, was a clear path forward to allow for healthy growth and increased capacity on many fronts.

They had been discussing how they could work together for quite some time, and one day Danny presented Paul with a vision on how they could do so. The initial idea was that they would become a garage builder! Somehow this resonated within Paul as well and it was the catalyst that birthed their partnership.

As Danny and Paul worked to merge companies, D&S Developments was already an incorporated company and Candor was simply a sole proprietor. To capitalize on foundations already in place they continued to move forward using the incorporated company name.

The discussion of a new name was something that was touched upon now and then as time went on, but to simply change the name for the sake of changing the name seemed futile. Weeks and months turned into years and they continued to settle into merging into one company, built upon the leading of the Holy Spirit. As time went on it was becoming more and more clear that God was starting something new that was much bigger than what Danny and Paul could ever have imagined. It was a Kingdom project! The potential for growth was becoming something they could never have anticipated. They began to examine what they represented as a company and how they intended to move forward.

They had been given a concept in the form of a picture that they really started to identify with and that they were being transformed Into. The picture was a huge hand reaching down from heaven and “ signing off” on the work to be done. They would forever get drawn back to this when strategizing for business development. When both men felt the same leading of the Holy Spirit ( “God’s signature”) regarding business decisions or strategic plans, they would move forward in faith and the result was always fruitful! It was then settled in the their hearts that collectively they would seek to move solely by the direction of the Holy Spirit to further the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth!

After much deliberation the name “ Kingdom Signature Developments” was born to represent what God had inspired and written on their hearts.

Their desire is that this leading would result in people coming together in the power and unity of the Holy Spirit to build people up in Christ. Today they walk forward acting in faith, believing that they will bear witness of a plan for business that is for His Glory! It is God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than anyone could ever possibly fathom, imagine or ask for!

Our Team

At the core of our construction team lies a diverse group of experts, each possessing a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields. From architects and engineers who conceptualize designs with meticulous detail, to skilled craftsmen who bring those designs to life, our team is a symphony of technical prowess. Whether it’s interpreting blueprints, overseeing the construction process, or ensuring compliance with regulations, every member plays a crucial role in maintaining our projects’ quality and safety.

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